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Hurricanes can leave devastation in their wake and the aftermath can be extremely difficult for those affected. Hurricane Ian has affected thousands of property owners across the state and the Claim Defenders are here to help. If you have suffered a loss to your residential or commercial property, these damages may be excessive and expensive. Filing an insurance claim can be new and intimidating and during chaotic times like this, it is easy for things to go wrong at any point in the claims process.

We understand that your home is important and the damages must be addressed and handled with care. We stand ready to represent all types of homeowners in order to ensure minimal stress recovering from the storm while we utilized our team of trained professionals to achieve the best settlement possible on your behalf. In addition, if you are in need of tarping services, restoration services, roofing services, and/or contractors, we will use our network to pair you with trusted professionals so you can feel peace of mind that your property will be restored with the best accommodations possible. If you think you may have a claim please see below instruction guide to increase your chances of success.

NOTE: Shingle Roofs are typically rated for 65 mph winds. A majority of Florida was exposed to wind speeds in excess of 80mph. If you don’t see any leaks from your roof, there may still be damages. We offer free consultation and inspection. By calling a Claim Defender to your property, you can obtain peace of mind on the condition of your roof at no cost to you. If we find damages, we will advise you.

Steps to Assist in Your Claim:


In the world of Insurance, documentation is king. Any and all documents that support the occurrence of a loss can be subject to review in order to ensure a smoother claims process. Take pictures of all damages as soon as it is safe to do so. If there is any water intrusion, leaks, flooding, etc. take pictures and video. If you had to evacuate or move to a temporary location due to your home being inhabitable, please organize all receipts, bank statements, and expenses. When a Claim Defender is assigned to your claim, they will ask for these items during your consultation.


Homeowners have a responsibility to mitigate damages following a loss. After you have taken pictures of any damages or leaks, safely do what you can to prevent damages from getting worse if possible. This may include using towels and fans to dry up wet areas of the house or taping trash bags around broken windows. Take pictures of the methods you use. If you don’t have a way to do anything to prevent damages from getting worse, don’t panic! We will try to pair you with a restoration service ASAP.


Sometimes the claims process can’t occur fast enough to meet immediate needs of a property. If you conduct any temporary repairs or hire a contractor to conduct temporary repairs, document what repairs you conducted and any expenses. We will collect these and attempt to get you reimbursed by your insurance company if possible.

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We have decades of experience working for insurance carriers. We have seen homeowners lose out on settlements and feel taken advantage of because they didn’t know their rights under the policy and inexperienced professionals took part in the investigation of their claim. Claim Defenders was founded with a mission to protect the interests of our clients when they need it most.

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