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Frequently Asked Question


It is a common misconception that property insurance premiums directly increase due to filing of a claim. Premiums are calculated by insurance companies utilizing a variety of complex factors that take into consideration the entire area the policy holder lives in. Premiums are often calculated based on predictions regarding the amount of claims that may be paid in the following year. Refusing to file a claim if you have a legitimate sudden and accidental loss may mean you have already paid for your share and did not take advantage of the perks of your policy.


Insurance companies may drop an insured for any reason; however, this is not a common occurrence. Common reasons for insurance companies to drop someone include filing too many claims within a short period of time and attempting to combat a claim with the insurance company in a hostile manner. We pride ourselves and our expert Public Adjusters on their ability to assess each claim.  This allows us to come to agreements with the insurance company in a way that optimizes the settlement for homeowners without engaging in any poor ethics or hostile negotiating. If we feel there is any risk of a negative result in filing a claim, we will advise you accordingly. Customer satisfaction and protection is our number one priority.


Public Adjusters are experts in insurance policy verbiage, coverage, and claims handling procedures. We understand the responsibilities of the homeowner in order for coverage to apply as well as the responsibilities of the insurance company. By using one of our experienced public adjusters, homeowners can relax while we orchestrate mitigation, contractor services, document consolidation, policy review, settlement negotiation, and payment. We work with a team of experts in plumbing, roofing, construction, and law to ensure that settlement is always based on proper construction practices, material pricing, and contract interpretation.


In compliance with Florida Statute Chapter 627 7(a) “Within 90 days after an insurer receives notice of an initial, reopened, or supplemental property insurance claim from a policyholder, the insurer shall pay or deny such claim or a portion of the claim unless the failure to pay is caused by factors beyond the control of the insurer which reasonably prevent such payment.” Usually, we will see our clients receive an initial undisputed payment within the first 90 days and then we will continue the negotiating process to address the difference between the initial payment and the settlement amount we believe our clients are entitled to. The rest of the process may take longer. If litigation is necessary, the legal process is subject to all proceedings as usual. We treat litigation as an absolute last resort and will avoid it if possible. If we feel it is necessary to take a claim through litigation, we will provide our expert legal services and continue working on your behalf.  


We get paid through settlement of the claim. We abide by the industry standard of retaining 20% of the full settlement amount. This means that if we don’t achieve settlement on your behalf, YOU PAY NOTHING. As an acknowledgement of our pay percentage and moral value of our customers, we always strive to increase the margin of your settlement far past 20%. Customers should feel comfort in knowing that the difference in settlement when a public adjuster is on your side can be dramatic. We built this company on observing these differences first hand within the industry and reassure you that defending your claim is worth every penny.